Gif set of original characters. 

I will sail the Jake/Monday ship forever.

I am so ashamed.

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Quick prison gif set.

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If you go on to say that white, straight men are lowest difficulty video game settings, and then use Nico Bellec (oppressed Russian immigrant), Commander Shepard (can be played male, female, black, white, Asian, and even gay and is also cast as a minority species) like they belong in a consistent majority group, let alone thinking Alan Wake (paranoid schizophrenia), Norman Jayden (crippling substance dependency), and Alex Shepherd (PTSD, rehabilitated [convicted] murderer, and apparent schizophrenia) as your choices of representation…

you gotta try again, maybe.

also, it’s a goddamn video game with editorial defaults made in other countries for an American audience; so what the fuck did you think they thought we wanted to have, with everything we’ve said and done as a whole this past near decade-and-a-half?

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{ ♚ }——MURDER AU;

Lestrade loosened his grip on the law long ago.He is currently living in a constant delusion andwill do anything—and everything—to make this city his own again. If that means going behindthe backs of those he once cherished alive—                                                        so be it.

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Lestrade loosened his grip on the law long ago.
He is currently living in a constant delusion and
will do anything—and everything—to make this 
city his own again. If that means going behind
the backs of those he once cherished alive—
                                                        so be it.

{ start; ——more to commence; }

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Stark Differences


How had it come to this? The years spent in early elementary school, dodging hurtful comments and attempting to keep a little brother out of trouble. The years in middle school and high school, avoiding any form of attention whatsoever from absolutely anybody. The prep school years, hiding behind textbooks to make sure he went by unnoticed. And, now, he was the center of attention to a one-man audience, his roommate, perched precariously on his bed, staring at him in expectation – no, anticipation of his undress.

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sevenawkwarddays asked: Monday and Mark (or David) ¤❦♠


[Sometimes I don’t blame them for wanting you.
You look good, and they need something to do.
Until I look at you, and then I condemn them—
I know my kind; what goes on in our minds. 
It’s just a question of time.]


I finally have you, he muttered, lifting his thumb to pull back the hammer on the gun. The two men stared at one another. One found himself held down only by the threat of a bullet, cast down on one knee, trembling.

I’ve never been caught so quickly, Monday whispered. The fear he felt was only drawn from the mystery of his own death, whether or not Mark was man enough to pull the trigger. “You’ve never stooped so low… never told a single soul about what I did to you, or to anyone. Did your daddy give you that gun?”

Mark wanted to kill him right then and there, but something was physically stopping him from pulling the trigger past the first barrier. His finger actually lifting, quivering, as if his hold hand meant to drop the firearm. All the two men could go was stare wearily at one another.

I— He began to tremble all over, as if his body had seized under the stress. I can do this. I can save them!

Who? The word left so hollowly. The question hung between them. There was no one. David had left this world with very little of a whimper. The case had been left open, no one suspecting the doctor that had treated him like his own son. Who is there left to save?

Now felt like a better time than ever. Monday pulled his weight back up, slowly getting to both feet. Mark watched him, taking a careful step back to maintain distance. The gun still shook in his grip. Would he really fucking shoot?

If you don’t stop, so what? There are plenty of cowards down the line that will try to desperately to defend the ones they love. Maybe they’ll learn to act a bit more quickly. Monday glared at the pistol, heavy brow falling. Even if you kill me, you’ll have no one here to—

Something ripped through the silence. Monday’s eyes lifted from the gun itself, to Mark’s eyes. The man stared down at his finger which had pulled the trigger back. He held it back, thumb already lifting to grab at the hammer. And he had never felt such disappointment in himself.

A spot grew on Monday’s shirt, just above his belt. He reached for it, even pressed a few fingers into the hole of the fabric. The hole of his flesh. It was terrible aim, but he could even feel the slight draft that moved within and out the other side. Terrible aim… but it didn’t miss.


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sevenawkwarddays asked: Hark and Jackson ☄☢


                                           [Who’s gonna fight for what’s right?                                                                                                         Who’s gonna help us survive?]


There was no joking about the footage they had received— The mayor was in the hands of a higher power, the threat to have him assassinated no longer a joke. Jackson struggled against his restraints, sometimes looking at the camera and then right passed it. He had no idea he was being watched.

This is serious, Emily muttered, letting his spine straighten. She had been watching the footage for nearly an hour. No one moved. No one breathed. If they themselves were being watched, their profanities would only contribute to the man’s demise.

Having said that, the only proof of any office tampering was Casper searching all too hard for the IP of the user that had sent the live feed to them. He only came back up from the under the desk flustered and red in the face. Isaac took him by the arm and helped him.

I have no idea, the small man choked out, bright eyes turning to their leader on the screen. No one else said a word, but eyes turned to Yorrick and Hark as they lingered in the office door.

Both of them were products influence, ready to lay down their lives for their brothers, their lovers. Both of them nodded their heads down in response. Emily sighed, smacking the button on the side of her computer. She didn’t hesitate, bursting from the office to find something else to do before they could do— well, anything.

Yorrick turned and followed, Casper and Isaac treading behind and murmuring something about tracking devices. But Hark lingered, staring down at his boots as he pulled a heel back to disrupt the carpet. Alas, what could be done? Money would be given, blackmail would be exchanged. Eventually, they’d have the mayor, but perhaps not in one, sturdy piece.

Something had to be done.

Hark gripped the doorframe as he turned to leave, looking back once more to the computer that now showed them nothing. His heart sank. Something had to be done, and if he was the only one to take initiative, so be it.

Don’t worry, Stark, he whispered.


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ᴀ ɴᴇᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏᴇʀ ᴀᴘᴘʀᴏᴀᴄʜᴇs;


ʀᴏʙᴇʀᴛ ᴛʀᴇɴᴏɪs. Hemophilliac cop often hospitalized due to reckless behavior in the field leading to internalized bleeding. Rob bribes easy and, above all, buys easy. Of all people, Rob buys the most and for the most money. Part of it, he passes off as rogue drug busts he’s successfully attained without warrant or arrest (a legal gray area if you don’t explain how you got it). It doesn’t matter how he got it, to him, all that matters is that it’s off the street… and up his nose but HEY, he’s not the one to worry about, right? It’s those crack addicts!

"Cocky, self-established haughtiness, paranoid, nosebleeds from crack drove him to marijuana since a childhood fear of needles (perpetuated by his bleeding) dispells heroin as an option. Does do good work when scrutinized but, otherwise, could be considered a slacker."

In relation to the rest of the team, Rob’s behavior is a burden. Where he is contact with the law every single day, his failure to cooperate makes it difficult to understand his own comprehension of what rules he himself are permitted to follow. Many have diagnosed him as impulsive and psychotic, but to actually do anything to construct his behavior is beyond their own level of, well, giving a shit. So long as he does his job or doesn’t drag others into his mess, he is well off running into his own discipline.

ᴄᴀsᴘᴇʀ: When assigned a new partner (Isaiah announced dead, despite further investigation of medical condition), Casper expected less of a handful. After being put on leave due to his own current state of mental health, he was more than happy to get back on the saddle— but only to find that someone else was up there waiting for him. It’s obvious that these two do not get along, and will probably never find something to agree on. Robert knows just how vulnerable his new partner is, and has an obvious eye to drag him down into the trouble of addictive drug use. If, perhaps, this problem was not already Casper’s own. 

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OAU; Fenton abandons his morals and turns Thomas, somehow finding himself dominated.


AU In which Monday dies instead of Mike.

The effort was difficult, but he promised to lay down his life for the brother he had known; the one he had seduced into drug use and, more respectively, into crime. This pact was in his own heart, never spoken of, and only to be carried out when the time was right—when the time came to expose the man’s brutality. Jerry would never have believed him otherwise, and with this one, final pushed, Martin hoped his little brother would finally understand what he had been warning him about all those years.

However, with this exposure, came the true identity of Martin Mandeaux— a monster and a freak, with fuzzy intentions and even more credible record. No one would believe Jerry, then, but at least one mark had been made. “He tried to kill him,” they would say. “Mike was only acting in self defense.

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